Is it correct two and two make four?

The phrase Two and two make four is grammatically correct because the verb make in the plural agrees with the plural compound subject two and two.

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Is it two or two?

When written as two, it can be referred to as a number name, spelled out, written out, or even longhand. @NVZ: Both 2 and two are numerals, also known as number names.

Who does not know two and two make four change into a statement?

Everyone is aware that two plus two equals four, so answer.
What kind of a man he is correct sentence?
Which of the following statements accurately describes him as a person? The true dignity of a man is not found in his possessions, but rather in who he is.

For example, in the sentence Time and Tide (wait /waits) for no-one, we should keep in mind that Time and Tide are a single pair, so we should use the singular This rather than the plural They and choose the singular waits as the answer. The correct statement would then be Time and Tide waits for none.
What is agreement of the verb with the subject?
Subject-verb agreement is the idea that the main verb of a sentence should agree with the subject of that sentence. Singular subjects should take singular verbs, and plural subjects should take plural verbs.17 September 2021
Which of these books is yours or are yours?
Which of these are yours? would be the appropriate response if the person could only choose one of these, but Which of these are yours? would be appropriate if the person could choose more than one of these.
Are is conjunction?
A coordinating conjunction connects words, phrases, and clauses of equal importance. The main coordinating conjunctions are and, or, and but. Conjunctions are words that join together other words or groups of words.
What make vs what makes?
The pronoun what, which is the subject of MAKE, refers to that; therefore, it is assumed to be a singular entity, and as a result, takes a singular verb—What is—because it is a singular pronoun. Refraction of sunlight—that is what creates the lovely rainbow.

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