Is it possible to pick up an accent as an adult?

Although research suggests that accents become permanent around the age of 12, it is still possible for accents to change over time or for adults to acquire a mild accent after spending a significant amount of time abroad.

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Can you develop a different accent?

According to research, if you begin learning a language later in life (after the age of seven or as an adult), you may become fluent but you wont be able to alter your accent. You will have a better chance of doing so in your native language, but even that will be challenging.

What is it called when you pick up someones accent?

The Chameleon Effect, which is ingrained in human nature, describes how we unconsciously mimic others when interacting by mimicking their gestures, body language, tone of voice, and accent in order to feel connected to them and safe in social situations.
Why is it so hard to change your accent?
A person can live in a country for 30 to 40 years without losing their accent because our brains really block us from hearing what were hearing. Until someone is taught to form the new sounds, they dont hear them, he said.30 September 2014

The good news is that you can learn to alter your pronunciation, a process known as accent reduction or accent modification, which requires focus, diligence, and regular practice.
Can you develop an accent at any age Reddit?
With focus and attention, accents can be learned well into adulthood. Typically, children who start learning a second language (in a fully immersed scenario) will naturally acquire the new languages phonology until about 11–12 (although this could happen for L2 learners even up to 18).
How long does it take to lose an accent?
Most people report noticing a difference in their English pronunciation after 3–4 weeks of daily practice; however, different people require different amounts of time for effective accent reduction. After 6 months of practice, there is a significant improvement in speech clarity and accent reduction.
Can you pick up an accent from watching TV?
The study did find, however, that exposure to television alone does not result in accent change; rather, one must regularly watch the program and develop an emotional connection to the characters for their speech to change.11 September 2013

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